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Become an Argilla Agent

Whether you want to be strong and financially independent or just want to spend more quality time with your family. Joining the Argilla Pottery team is your answer!

Old and young, male or female, everyone is welcome.

Have the financial freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest!

During the past 43 years, Argilla Pottery has become a brand well-known in most South African households. Argilla offers you a convenient and healthy way of cooking and baking. By becoming an Argilla marketer you will not only help yourself, but you’ll also be offering people an easier way of preparing healthy home-cooked meals.

What to expect


Once you’ve filled in the registration form and chose your starter-kit, you’ll be all set to get going! You’ll receive your starter-kit within a couple of days but with all our online marketing tools, you won’t have to wait.


You are not alone. You’ll be joining the Argilla family and family is important to us. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be added to our WhatsApp groups where we’ll answer your questions, give advice and share recipes.


You’ll have the option to join Hannari and other marketers for free online training sessions where we’ll share some valuable marketing tips and ideas. Join in the discussions and become a valuable part of our marketing team

Start your Argilla Journey

Fill out the form below and email it to andrea@oven2table.co.za